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You will be disoriented after a car accident, likely long after it happens. It is understandable to not know what to do next, but we hope you remember to dial (602) 560-4756. By doing so, you will connect with the Tucson car accident lawyers of Cook Law Office, PLLC.

Our law firm has been designed to handle difficult cases like hotly contested car accident claims. You do not need to worry about all the steps that go into managing a case, not when you put us in charge of things. Indeed, many of our clients will tell you that one of their favorite things about our representation is how we can professionally deal with the insurance companies and courts on their behalf.

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Who Caused Your Car Accident?

You know that you did not cause your car accident. But do you know who did? One of the first questions we will ask when working on your case will be to figure out who caused your crash and, perhaps more importantly, what negligent actions they were doing to cause it. In doing so, we can point liability at the right person.

Reckless and negligent behaviors that drivers often exhibit include:

  • Distracted driving: Distracted drivers put everyone on the road in extreme danger. When not paying attention to the road, a driver cannot react to the traffic around them or emergencies. Using a smartphone is one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents in Tucson.
  • Drunk driving: Intoxicated drivers will have little to no control of their vehicles. Even a single alcoholic beverage is enough to distort a driver’s perception of traffic and worsen their motor control and reaction times. In other words, no one should drink and drive – ever.
  • Speeding: Posted speed limits are carefully calculated by civil and traffic engineers. Each one shows the maximum speed that can be followed and still travel that specific stretch of the road safely. Exceeding the speed limit automatically puts the driver in danger of losing control and crashing into others.
  • Exhausted driving: When a motorist drives while exhausted, they can suffer the same symptoms as if they were intoxicated. When fatigued, motorists should not drive. Instead, they should seek the nearest hotel, motel, or another accommodation to get a full 8-hours of sleep.

What Evidence Can Help Your Case?

Knowing who caused your car accident is not the same as proving that they did it. To prove your point, we can look for different forms of evidence that the opposition will not be able to refute so easily.

We can see if the following evidence is available to help your claim:

  • Dashcam footage: Did you have a dashcam at the time of the crash? Its footage could be crucial for your claim. We can also see if the other driver had a dashcam. Deleting footage of a crash before sharing it with other drivers could be seen as evidence tampering and hurt their chances.
  • Eyewitness statements: If you had a chance to speak with eyewitnesses, then please give us their contact information, so we can interview them. Eyewitness statements are often a reliable source of unbiased details and observations.
  • Police reports: We can speak with law enforcement officers who responded to your crash. The reports that they filed about your accident could contain key details about why the crash happened. For example, an officer might have noted that the other driver seemed intoxicated.
  • Medical records: Your medical records can be used to cement that your accident did happen and that it did cause you to suffer the injuries you have listed in your claim. Be sure to see a doctor right away after a crash.

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Building a strong case is crucial if you want to go up against a major auto insurance company. Let our Tucson car accident attorneys represent you from the start of your case to its conclusion. When we do act on your behalf, effectively all of our experience and insight become your own. There is no easier or faster way to become highly knowledgeable in all the laws and procedures that go into a car accident claim!

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