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Commercial Truck Accidents in Pierce County

Although the vast majority of large commercial truck drivers are highly trained, skilled professionals, they can—and do—still make mistakes and act negligently behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this leads to thousands of devastating and even fatal accidents every year. In Washington alone, there were 4,904 heavy truck accidents in 2020, leading to more than 1,150 possible, minor, and serious injuries and 41 deaths. Even more shocking, 604 of these large truck accidents happened in Pierce County.

At Cook Law Office, PLLC, we understand the immense, far-reaching impact large truck accidents have on the lives of victims and their loved ones. Our Tacoma truck accident attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in complex personal injury and wrongful death litigation against major trucking companies, commercial entities, and insurance providers. We have successfully protected our clients’ rights against the interests of these large and powerful entities, and we strive to maximize their recoveries so that they can recover the financial resources they need to heal.

If you were injured or if your loved one tragically died in a crash with a semi-truck, delivery truck, or another large commercial vehicle, call (602) 560-4756 for afree consultation with our team.

How Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Just like any other car accident, collisions with large trucks and commercial vehicles often result from negligence. In many cases, this negligence occurs on the part of the truck driver.

Examples include:

  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving while distracted
  • Texting and driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving too fast for current conditions
  • Aggressive driving
  • Tailgating
  • Disobeying traffic laws
  • Making unsafe or illegal turns
  • Passing unlawfully
  • Running red lights or stop signs
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Although truck driver negligence plays a role in many heavy truck accidents, it is not the only cause of these collisions. In fact, there may be many additional underlying causes, as well as outside factors that can contribute to or cause an accident.

Some of these include:

  • Hours-of-service violations
  • Strict delivery quotas, schedules, and deadlines
  • Negligent trucking company hiring practices
  • Improper or inadequate supervision/training of truck drivers
  • Failure to conduct background checks
  • Improperly loaded/overloaded cargo
  • Insufficient truck maintenance
  • Inadequate/lack of truck repairs
  • Defective truck pars
  • Defective roadways
  • Third-party motorist negligence

At Cook Law Office, PLLC, our Tacoma truck accident attorneys work with a team of experts—including accident reconstructionists, medical professionals, economists, and other specialists—to thoroughly investigate how these collisions occur and, most importantly, who is liable for our clients’ injuries and damages.

Can You Sue a Trucking Company After an Accident?

It is often possible to file a lawsuit against a trucking company after an accident caused by one of their drivers. This is because trucking companies are generally responsible for the conduct of their employees when those employees are “on the clock,” so to speak. However, even if the truck driver or another trucking company employee was responsible for the crash that left you injured, you could have trouble recovering the compensation you are owed.

Trucking companies and their insurance providers do not like to pay out claims, especially because these types of claims tend to be high in value due to the severity of victims’ injuries. As a result, they will often go to great lengths to dispute liability and deny claims. The trucking company or its insurance provider may argue that the truck driver was not at fault for the crash or that the truck driver is not technically an employee but, rather, an independent contractor. This can make it incredibly difficult for the victim to file a claim and recover the rightful compensation they are owed.

It is extremely important that you hire an experienced truck accident attorney, like those at Cook Law Office, PLLC. An attorney can help you fight back against the trucking company and/or insurance company’s efforts to dispute or devalue your claim. At Cook Law Office, PLLC, our Tacoma truck accident lawyers fight for maximum compensation for our clients, even when that means going to trial.

Why Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

You are not required to work with an attorney after a truck accident, but there are many reasons to do so.

When you trust your case to the team at Cook Law Office, PLLC, we can do the following:

  • Help you find the best available doctors and obtain the critical medical care needed to treat your injuries
  • Gather evidence, including crash reports, witness statements, video footage, and truck black box recorder data, to support your claim
  • Reconstruct the accident with the help of professional accident reconstructionists to determine exactly how the crash occurred
  • Review your medical records, test results, bills, paystubs, and other relevant information to assess the full extent of your injuries and damages
  • Prepare and file an official claim on your behalf with the appropriate court, as well as provide notice to the defendant
  • Handle all legal paperwork and documents associated with your claim, ensuring that all deadlines and statutes of limitations are met
  • Negotiate with the trucking company and its insurance company (or another liable party) on your behalf for a fair settlement
  • Represent you throughout litigation and prepare your case for trial, if necessary, to recover the maximum compensation you are owed

When you turn to our Tacoma truck accident lawyers, we will be there for you throughout the entire process. We truly care about you and your recovery, and we do not settle cases for less than we believe they are worth. As your legal counsel, we will handle every detail so that you can simply focus on getting the medical treatment you need and healing from your injuries.

No Fees Unless We Win

Because we offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis, you do not pay any upfront or out-of-pocket expenses when you hire Cook Law Office, PLLC. Instead, we only collect attorney fees if/when we recover a settlement or verdict for you. These fees are based on a percentage of your total recovery; get in touch with us today to learn more about our fee structures and arrangements.

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